In Deep Waters, A Journey to Redemption is a story of a young man who, after a less than normal upbringing, to say the least, is called by the ocean He believes in Jesus, only in a limited way stemming from a dream—a vision he had as a young teenager. He doesn’t realize that God is patiently pursuing him. His journey begins as a way of running from his childhood pain and escaping his father’s wishes to follow in his footsteps as an insurance agent. 

 The ocean calls him, and he answers by going on a 22-year odyssey as a commercial diver. From hair-raising MAYDAYS TO foundering in giant surf, he escaped death more often than a cat has lives.  

However, his calamities at sea became eclipsed by self-destruction in relationships, reputations, and addictions, shipwrecked literally and figuratively. His story reminds us of the Prodigal son fleeing his earthly father while pursued by His Father in Heaven. 

Finally undone from the umpteenth time, he yields control to the God who was always with him all along, is always there, ready to welcome him into His loving arms until the day he finally surrenders his life and self-will and eventually finds Redemption